Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Sign up as an Influencer at You should further link your social media accounts like the Youtube channel and Instagram Profile on the dashboard and add slots so that brands can start booking you.

PickMyAd works with the best brands (completely KYC Verified). Brands can book the slot directly by paying the price fixed by the Influencer or PickMyAd solution expert will get in touch with the Influencer on behalf of the brands. Either way, slot creation is a prerequisite.

Nope. When you link a social media account with the PickMyAd we only have access to your public info and analytics. This is a very secure process used by multiple organizations and it does not compromise your privacy or security in any way.

Complete your profile which helps brands in booking you. Then, Sit back and do your content creation, we will intimate you through email & Whatsapp in case of brand booking happens. Happy Influencing!

For Creator:

It is completely free to sign up and create any number of ad slots as suited. PickMyAd will charge 10% from what the brand is paying to the Creators. The split will be shown when you enter the amount for each slot. You can always check the amount using the PickMyAd Influencer calculator.

PickMyAd automatic system will compensate the amount you entered in the slot within 24 hours of publishing the content and pasting the link in the particular booking inside the dashboard board. Know more about the dashboard & its stages.

Yes, Influencers can connect multiple social media channels in PickMyAd. For each channel, they need to create ad slots separately and list the price individually.

Oops, we’re sorry that you want to leave, but we respect your decision. sure in case you do want to delete your account, check your page or just email us on [email protected].

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